Program Details

Integrating Both Traditional & Alternative Educational Systems

Program Details


Foresight Learning Center uses both formal and informal assessment approaches to evaluate children's learning and development. Assessments are discussed with families and results are used to benefit children through informed decisions regarding teaching methods and programming. All assessment procedures are conducted with strict confidentiality.


Teachers facilitate the development of self-control in children by using positive guidance techniques such as modeling, encouraging expected behavior, redirecting children to more acceptable activity, and setting clear limits. Teachers' expectations match, and respect, childrens' developing capabilities with regard to self-control. Conflict resolution techniques are used to teach children how to solve problems and conflicts with others. Our goal is to help children become independent, and to learn to solve their problems creatively.


Foresight Learning Center has established, and maintains, many productive relationships with community organizations and individuals. The resources provided by these relationships have a direct value to the children, who enjoy a wide spectrum of specialized services and support. We are pleased to have active relationships with; Flagstaff Unified School District, Northern Arizona University, United Way, First-Things-First, AzEIP, the Blake Foundation, and others.


The Foresight Learning Program was established in 1993 to provide innovative, meaningful educational experiences for children and their families. Integrating both traditional and alternative educational systems, we developed a unique program that continues to provide a healthy, engaging environment for children.

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