September 2020

Dear Parents,

This month we will focus on the development of positive self concept.  We will be learning about ourselves:  feelings, emotions, families.  We will also learn about friendship and making good choices.  We will discover how we are alike and different and how each of us is very special!

We will also be studying magnets, electricity, and simple tools.  We will explore different sources of electricity.  We will discover how simple tools work and how they help us in every day life.  We will also experiment with magnets, use a compass, and test magnetic pulls.

In addition to our theme activities, we will begin letter and sound lessons, numeral and number activities, geography skills, practical life skills, cooking, scientific exploration and introductory Spanish.

Special Events:

Labor Day:  Monday, Sept 7th – Foresight will be closed.  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!  Don’t forget your MASKS!


Other Foresight News:


Let’s Stay Connected!!!

Please be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (when we get it back up and running).  We are working to be sure to post as much as we can about what the students are busy doing!

Also know you can call us and talk anytime!  If you are newly enrolled (or have attended for a while) and would like to visit your child’s classroom, be a volunteer, or just want to get to know your child’s teachers/routine better we can set up a time for you to come into the school.  Of course, we will take your temperature and a mask would be required at all times.  Talk to Beth or Kori if this is something you would like to do!!  We want everyone to feel connected to your child’s learning environment and to be secure in your choice to attend Foresight!


When Your Child is Absent:

If your child is going to be absent from school for any reason please give us a call.  This helps with classroom planning and attendance.


Your Child’s Schedule:

One of the most important parts of your child’s day with us is the group circle lesson that opens and closes each class.  Please be sure to have your child here a few minutes before his/her scheduled time so that he/she can get the most out of our program.  It is such a great way to help your child feel part of the group and also to get the most from our curriculum! If arriving after the start of class is unavoidable, we completely understand. We want to alleviate any stress we can for you and your child.   Thanks for your help to make this a great experience for everyone.


Parent Suggestions:

We know in this crazy time that everyone is coming up with new ways of doing everything!  If you have any suggestions about ANYTHING, we are always open to hearing them!  Feel free to call, email, or send a note with any ideas you have.


What to wear to school?

Please have your child wear shoes that he or she can run and play in safely. Please, no flip-flops or big heeled boots thanks!


Your Child’s Independence

One of the most important things we as caregivers can do for our children is encourage their independence.  When coming in to school, please allow your child to walk into the building and carry his/her own belongings.  This is extremely helpful with streamlining the entry screening process.  Having appropriate expectations of self-care for your child does amazing things for their self-confidence!


Healthy Mealtimes

For all of our new families (and to refresh with our continuing families), we are including information on Healthy Lunches and Choking Hazards.  If you have any questions, please talk with Beth or Kori.

Please take lunch boxes out of back packs, this will hopefully lessen the wait time for health check-ins!

Also, please be sure your child’s name is clearly written on the outside of his/her lunch box and placed on TOP of the cubbies area. 

***To ensure a successful lunch experience for your child, please provide your child with finger food items they can eat independently. 

Spaghetti, rice, soup can be a challenge for our younger friends-Thank you!


Payments and Fees:

Please remember that payments are due by the 5th of each month, unless other arrangements have been made with Beth or Kori.  There is a $25.00 late fee for payments received after the 5th and /or balances not paid in full. This policy will be enforced starting September 5th. Thank you!


Late Pick-up Fees:

Please be sure to pick-up your child at your scheduled time.  There is a $15.00 late fee for every 10 min. you are late with a 5 min. grace time. “Late” refers to any time after your child’s scheduled pick-up time.


Children’s Belongings:

Please remember to label ALL of your child’s belongings before school (lunch boxes, backpacks, jackets, hats, etc.).  We have permanent markers and/or tape so if you need any help just ask a teacher.  We just want to make sure that your belongings are returned to you!



Please be sure to get your child’s immunizations and a flu shot with your family doctor. There has been some information out there suggesting that keeping up on immunizations and getting a flu shot might keep Covid-19 symptoms less severe.   If your child has had any recent immunizations please bring in a new copy of his/her immunization card.  We know that some families choose not to get immunizations and we do respect that, but wanted to make everyone aware of CDC’s position (at least for now?)  Also, if your child is exempt from any or all immunizations, we need an exemption form on file.    Please talk to Beth or Kori with any questions.


Parking Lot Safety:

When coming to school or going home, please DO NOT allow your child to be in the parking lot unsupervised.  It is a very busy place, and having children unassisted by parents is extremely dangerous.  We want to keep everyone safe, so please be sure to hold hands (or take other safety precautions) while in the parking lot with your child.


Toys from Home:  

We do not have a show and tell time as part of our curriculum.  Please do not allow your child to bring toys or personal belongings to school.  It creates problems for those students that know the “NO TOYS” policy.  There is an exception to this rule: if your child has an item related to the theme to share with the class and the teacher has prior knowledge about the item so that she may plan for it, then it will be okay.  The teachers welcome sharing when approached in this manner



Peace and Love -

Beth, Kori, Cynthia, Sheri, Jini, Stephanie, Kelsey, Mykaela, and Julia



Thought for the Month:


Children are our most valuable

natural resource.

                                   Herbert Hoover

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