October 2018

 Dear Parents

 We’re all looking forward to the pleasure of Fall: cool mountain air, yellow aspens, fresh apple cider, pumpkin pie, football, and Holiday celebrations!

We are also anxious to begin our October thematic unit!  This month we will focus on the Autumn Harvest.  We will learn about harvesting and the growth cycle.  We will study life on the farm.  We will explore and identify parts of a tree, types of trees, and various types of leaves.  We will also discover animals of the night.  And of course, we will study pumpkins, cook with pumpkins, and go on a pumpkin hunt!  We will look at the myths, traditions, and activities associated with Halloween.  Also, in the upcoming weeks we will be studying the days of the week, the months of the year, and the seasons. 

Special Events

Student Picture Day:

Wednesday, October 10th, 8:30-11:30 am.  Nicole Brickweg Photography is the company we are using.  Order forms will be available and order forms and payments are due on or before picture day.  Anyone is welcome to come and get your child’s individual photo/group taken, even if it is not your normal scheduled day. We will be doing individual photos from 8:30-10:30 and then group photos will be done 10:30-11:30.    If you are planning on attending and it is not your child’s normal schedule, please be here by 10:15 am and plan on staying. 


Foresight Closed:

October 12th: Foresight will be closed for teacher in service. Have a safe and happy Friday!


Parent-Teacher Conferences:

***October 23 & 24, & 26

Pre-K and Kindergarten (Kori & Cynthia) conferences will be held Tuesday & Wednesday Oct 23 and 24.    Preschool (Jini) conferences will be held Friday, Oct. 26th.  Sign-up times will be posted.  Please sign up for the time most convenient for you and make a note of it.  We will be expecting you.


Dental Health Screening

Monday, Oct. 29th 9:00 a.m.

Miss Jenny and Miss Katy (From First Things First) will be coming for a “Healthy Teeth” presentation and an oral health screening.  Permission forms will be located in the front room.


Fall Celebration:

Wednesday, October 31st,

2:30-3:30 pm.  We would like to invite everyone to our Halloween party!  We will play games, make a spooky art project, and enjoy some yummy treats. Your child can wear his or her costume to school or bring it to school to wear just for the party.  Be sure your child can still go potty and participate in the daily school activities.  We do request that all costumes be friendly in nature.  We want this to be a pleasant experience for all of our young friends, so please, no weapons, gory outfits, scary faces, or costumes that represent fighting or violence. Thank you for your sensitivity to all of our students and their families.  We will have a sign-up sheet posted.  We’re looking forward

to a “Spooktacular” day!


Other News

and Sign-Out:

We are legally required to have you sign-in and sign-out your child upon arrival with a complete signature- this is for everyone’s SAFETY.


Arriving at School:

Please try to have your child at school    5-10 minutes before her/his class begins.  Your child’s day starts with a group lesson that is very important to the rest of his/her class time.  When they are late it takes away from their school experience, makes it difficult for them to know what is going on and it disrupts the other students. We want all our students to enjoy the very best learning environment we can provide. 



Healthy and Happy Children:        

It is very important for you to keep ill children at home.  Please see parent handbook for symptoms that require staying home. This center has no provisions for care of children who are ill.  A child may be sent home if staff observes symptoms of illness.  Please tell staff if your child has been to a doctor and his or her illness is properly being treated (although

Symptoms are still observable).  Giving over the counter medications to mask fever isn’t recommended because the child is probably still contagious and it could result in a longer amount of time for your child to be absent from school and it puts others health at risk.  Our goal is to keep everyone healthy, happy, and in school this year! 


Labeling your Child’s Lunch Box & Clothes:

Please for the sanity of substitutes, put your child’s name on his or her lunch box and take it out of backpack.

Also, as the weather is changing so is our wardrobe.  Please remember to label all of your child’s belongings with his or her name.  It’s much easier for the teachers to help the student identify their own belongings.  Always send your child to school with an appropriate jacket- we always go outside! Thanks!


Car Safety:

Please have your child safely buckled into a child’s car seat, no matter how close you may live.  Arizona’s booster seat law is that even children between the ages of 5 and 8, and shorter than 4 feet 9inches tall are required to sit in a child-restraint system, typically a booster seat.


Parent Reviews:

It is always a flattering moment when a new student enrolls and tells us that we were recommended to them by another one of our families.  We simply cannot thank everyone enough for spreading the word about Foresight!  It is always our goal to provide a wonderful first school experience for our students and their families. 

Please help us continue to reach Flagstaff area families by giving us a review on our Facebook  page or on review sites.  We GREATLY appreciate all of your support!


Parent Communication:

In order for us to try to make communication a little easier, we want to let you know about our “Dear Foresight” notes.  If there is any sort of communication about home, a school situation, concern, change in behavior, etc., please feel free to grab one of the notes from the basket at the front room.  You can hand them to any staff member or just slip it in the payment box!


We are Available!Beth and Kori are always available, even if not always here at time of your drop-off or pick-up.  If you need to speak with us and time is an issue please don’t hesitate leaving a note, calling the school during the day, or asking another staff member to contact us.  We have an open door policy, and our goal is to be able to help with questions or concerns anytime.  We are just a phone call away if needed! There is a staff in-charge list posted at the information board available when director is not on site.


Early Childhood Education:

You might see new faces from time to time at Foresight; they are education majors from CCC and NAU fulfilling observation hours and practicum hours. Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.  It is great to have them work with our students!


Thank You Very Much!!

*For all the families who were able to stop by for our Family Night!  We know your time is valuable and appreciate your involvement and support.



 Peace and Joy to you…..

Beth, Kori, Cynthia, Jini, Sheri, Stephanie, Mercedes,   Abigail, and Kendra,


Thought for the month.. ..

It is by believing, hoping, loving, and doing that man finds joy and peace…             

John Lancaster Spalding

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