March 2020

 Dear Parents

The theme this month is “Our Town”.  We will learn about community helpers; health professionals, police, and fire fighters, mail carriers, librarians, and shop keepers.  We will discuss the jobs our parents do and invite them in to share their special skills with us in Social Studies.  We will also explore the various methods of transportation; land, water, and air.  We will take a look at the history and technology of transportation.  Safety will also be part of our unit; stranger awareness, wearing seat belts and bike helmets, participating in fire safety, and obeying traffic signs.  We’re looking forward to an exciting month of learning!

Special Events

Thursday and Friday, March 19th & 20th    

Foresight will be closed.  Have a safe and happy Spring break weekend!

**FUSD Spring Break:

Monday, March 16th -Friday, March 20th     


Other News

Families are Always Welcome at FLC Our school has an open door policy, which means you are always welcome to come into school to observe your child from a distance or volunteer in his or her classroom.  We do our very best to inform parents of our policies/ program and provide many avenues for communication.  We have a monthly newsletter, memo board, event calendar, parent suggestion box, teachers available for brief discussions, and you are always welcome to visit, call, or schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher or the director.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions /solutions to allow us to better communicate with you. 

Also, visit our website:

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Our Staff:

Sorry to say Mercedes will be leaving Foresight to pursue another job opportunity, but we wish her the very best and you might still occasionally see her at FLC substitute teaching!  Our new assistant for the afternoon is Bryanna Morgan and we look forward to having her join our program.  She has experience with childcare programs and with private childcare for local families.  She is very friendly, and enthusiastic! Please be sure to introduce yourself to her 😊


Your Child’s Work:

Everyday your child is creating!  Please be sure to check your child’s folders, located in each classroom, at least once a week.  If folders do become full, teachers will periodically put students work in backpacks or lunch boxes.  We don’t want you to miss out on your child’s great work or the fun they have explaining their (one of many) great masterpieces.

We also have student portfolios where teachers are keeping children’s work for assessment reasons.  So if your child seems to be missing something, it is probably with the teacher and you will be getting it back soon!  Please understand that these portfolios are a big part of assessing your child, so please do not remove work.


We Need Your Help

Please complete our annual program evaluation.  We want to be the very best school we can be and would appreciate any suggestions, comments, or concerns you might wish to share.  The forms are being sent with this newsletter or they can be found at the front entrance.  Please complete and return to the front desk.  Thanks for your help and support! We will share the results with you and continue to improve our program.


Morning Arrival:

Please help your child join the other students when arriving to school and guide your child to the assistants supervising in early care.  Lead teachers are preparing for the day’s lessons, working on their classrooms, and are available to talk to parents as needed.  The teachers appreciate your consideration and understanding of their time.


Illness Policy:

Just reminder- if your child has a fever of 100 degrees or more, he/she may not return to school for a full 24 hours from the time the fever is gone (without medication).  We have been working very hard to keep our school as healthy as possible, and we appreciate your help with this matter!



Withdrawal Policy:

As summer is approaching, we want to remind everyone of our continued enrollment policy.  This means that we will assume that your child will be continuing here at Foresight until we receive a 30 day withdrawal notice from you or a schedule change form.  This ensures that your deposit will be applied to your child’s final (full) month at school.  Please talk to Beth or Kori if you have any questions about this procedure. All forms are located at the front desk. If you would like your child to attend Foresight with the 2019 FUSD schedule/siblings we can prorate if needed. We do have a rather long wait list for summer and Fall 2019, so we do need your intent form ASAP if you have not returned it yet.  Thanks!


Thank You Very Much!!

*** All of the parents that attended our Valentine Tea!

***A special thanks to our parent volunteers at the Valentine Tea.  You were such a HUGE help!!


Peace and Love-


Beth, Kori, Cynthia, Jini, Sheri, Stephanie, Mercedes, Sarah, Kendra, and Bryanna


Thought for the Month….It is a wise parent who gives his child roots and wings.                          Chinese proverb

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