February 2020

Dear Parents,

February is already here! Can you believe it? This month will be full of exciting projects and special activities everyone will LOVE!!!!

Our theme for February is “Healthy Body, Dear Hearts.” We’ll be exploring all aspects of the human body: our organs and what they do for us, the skeleton and how it’s connected, muscles and exercise, and what makes a nutritious diet. We’ll also discuss our 5 senses, teeth and good dental care and making healthy choices. We can’t forget about Valentines Day in February. We’ll be having a Valentine Tea party to celebrate the “Day of Love and Friendship”.

Special Events

Valentine Tea:

Friday, February 14th from 10:30-11:30. There will be a sign-up sheet posted.  We will exchange Valentines, create a special project, and enjoy treats! Please have your child bring 20-25 Valentines with his or her name on them, but do not address them to specific children.  We hope everyone can attend!

Volunteers also needed.


Presidents Day: 

February 17th --Foresight will be closed in observance of President’s Day.  Have a lovely day!


Dental Screening/Toothfairy:

February 21st – 9:00 a.m.

First Things First together with Coconino Smart Smiles program will be sending Miss Katy and Miss Jenny back for our oral health screening.  Permission forms will be located on the front desk area and must be returned for your child to participate.  This is a fun, FREE screening just to help children feel comfortable and excited about taking care of their teeth!


Other News

Illness and Symptoms:

We are trying our best to keep every one healthy this season and we need your help!  Students with severe constant coughs, colds, and mucus discharge should remain at home in consideration for our healthy students and staff. Masking the symptoms with “orange medicine” usually is not the best solution. As working mother’s ourselves we realize illness is inconvenient for work, so that is why we strongly recommend having a plan with your employer, family member or neighbor when illness occurs. We follow the state requirements regarding illness, but it is very important for us to get any medical information from you regarding doctor visits and your child’s illness.  Our goal is always in the best interest of your child and the health of our school.  Also, if your child gets sick at school and must be picked up due to fever and other obvious symptoms it is our policy that they do not return until the fever is gone (un-medicated) for 24 hours so that we know he or she is no longer contagious. If you have any questions regarding our illness policy please speak with Beth. Thank you.


Contact Information:

Please be sure we have a current phone number to reach you in case of emergency.  If any contact numbers have changed we need to have them on file.  Please talk with Kori or Beth to check contact updates.

Enroll for Summer and Fall 2020!!

With this newsletter, we will be including your intent to continue form for Summer and Fall 2020.  We will have open enrollment for new students March 11th, so it is important for us to know if your child will be here for our “Summer Exploration Series”.   If your child will not be attending this summer you need to fill out a withdraw notice by May 1st to give your 30 days notice and ensure that your deposit will be applied to your last month of tuition.  Our summer session covers June & July.  We will also pro-rate August for anyone who will be starting at FUSD.  Foresight   Fall session begins on Monday August 3rd, 2020.  FUSD starts August 13th, 2020.


Winter Recess and Clothes: Getting fresh air is more important than ever in the winter months, to get rid of germs and keep all our friends healthy. We will go outside for recess (even if only for a few minutes), so please send your child to school with a warm coat, a hat, and mittens; snow boots and snow pants if there is snow.  It is very helpful to label all items with your child’s name.  All items left at cubby area will be put in our lost and found basket every evening, so please take all belongings home daily.  We just simply do not have the space to store multiple coats or unneeded items in our cubby area.


Late Pick-up Fees:

Our classes are filled to capacity, so please be sure to pick-up your child at your scheduled time.  There is a late $10.00 fee for every 10 min. you are late with a 5 min. grace time. “Late” refers to any time after your child’s scheduled pick-up time (11:30, 12:30, 3:30, 4:30, or 5:30).  Our ratios are set to these times and when your child is here at an unscheduled time it causes our classes to be out of ratio and teachers to supervise children during prep/break/lunch times.

Arriving at School:

Please try to have your child at school    5-10 minutes before her/his class begins.  Your child’s day starts with a group lesson that is very important to the rest of his/her class time.  When they are late it takes away from their school experience, makes it difficult for them to know what is going on and it disrupts the other students.  If it is not possible for your child to be here on time, then we ask that you plan your arrival to be 20-30 minutes late ( after your scheduled arrival time)to avoid group lesson interruptions and stress to students with separation anxiety .  We want all our students to enjoy the very best learning environment we can provide.


Snack Time:

The new snack procedure has been going great and we greatly appreciate everyone’s flexibility as we adjust.  Please remember that snacks must follow our Quality First guidelines for healthy snacks/lunches and each snack should include two food group components. Please save cookies, fruit snacks, and high fat snacks for home.


Pick-up Times:

When arriving to pick up your child, please do so in a timely manner.  We do have an open door policy, and we love to have scheduled volunteers in the classroom.  It can be difficult, however, for children who are waiting for Mom or Dad to see other parents lingering with their children.  If you would like to spend more time in the classroom for volunteering or observing, talk to your child’s teacher. 


Nap Time and Nap Blankets:

If your child naps at school, please be sure to provide a “small” blanket for him/her.  Unfortunately, we do not have extras for all children.  Also, we will send the blanket home every Friday to be washed and returned for the next week. Thanks!


Student Absences:

If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please call and let us know as soon as possible.  This helps with planning classroom activities and being aware of illness occurring at our school. 



We are happy to have students drop-in occasionally if have something in your schedule changes, but these times are very limited.  If you are in need of a drop-in for your child, please speak with Beth or Kori first.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but we just simply cannot guarantee any times, due to ratio requirements.


Morning Breakfast

We understand that mornings are hectic times; however, we do not have staff to monitor children who are still eating breakfast walking into school.  Please be sure your child eats his/her morning meal at home for a great start to everyone’s day!


Thank You so much!!!!

***To our wonderful staff for their dedication and 100% effort to make this the best preschool in Flagstaff!

We are a 4 star rated preschool with Quality First and are working very diligently to be a 5 star!


Peace and Love-

Beth, Kori, Jini, Cynthia, Sheri, Kendra, Stephanie, Mercedes & Sarah



Thought for the Month

“The most important trip you take in life is meeting people half way.”

                   --Henry Boyle 


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