August 2020

August 2020

Dear Parents,

August is here, but with all the uncertainty of Covid-19 we continue to navigate what this Fall is going to look like? We are just happy to be here for your children and for your family. We will continue to follow CDC and county/state recommendations in an effort to maintain our safe and controlled learning environment. We are very committed to providing in-person interactions, because quite frankly as educators we don’t think anything else is developmentally appropriate for children 2-6 years of age. We will do our best to keep everyone informed about changes to our procedures and the general updates that directly impact our students, families, and staff.

This month we will be exploring the Animal Kingdom.  Discovering animal characteristics, habitats, and much more! 

In addition to our theme activities, we will begin letter and sound lessons, numeral and number activities, geography skills, practical life skills, cooking, scientific exploration, music, and introductory Spanish.


Special Events:

Monday August 3rd:

 First day of fall semester!


Monday, Sept. 7th Labor Day:   Foresight will be closed.  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!


***We are hopeful that some of our favorite special events will be permitted, but at this time no events have been officially planned.  Many of our events will have to be only the enrolled students on their enrolled days. We will share more details as the events get closer.


Other Foresight News:


Arrival Time and Pick-up Time:

Please have your child here 10-20 minutes before his or her scheduled time.  This will help spread out our health screenings before the start of class at 8:30. Also, please take your child’s lunch box out of their backpack before they get to the entrance, for the sake of wait time. Thanks!!

We will be working on an alternative drop-off/pick-up routine as the temperature drops. It will probably include a car line that will enter from Koch Field and stop at front entrance and then go through the small drive way to the field, and exit on Kavanagh. Details to follow.


NAEYC Family Website is a great website for parents! It provides a monthly newsletter and it is full of research-based information on children’s learning, development and best practices in preschool during the heath crisis.  There are answers to many questions you might not even know you had!



Parent Suggestions??

As we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, we encourage you to share information, suggestions, and updates regarding Covid-19 and our school community. We have incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, science minded parents and we are all in this together!   Please feel free to send us an email or call the school.  Think of it as our new community suggestion box!


Bathroom Accidents:

Please provide a change of clothes in your child’s backpack in case of a bathroom accident, we have some clothes for emergencies, but most children are more comfortable in their own clothes. 


You’re Account:

Please remember there is an annual registration fee and tuition increase for our new school year.  Also, we are enclosing a standard registration policy that needs to be initialed, signed and returned to Kori ASAP.  Tuition is due by the 5th of each month, but if you need to make special payment arrangements talk to Beth or Kori. This policy will be enforced as of August 2020 to reduce administrative book keeping.


Our sincere gratitude and your tuition deposit!

When this crisis started at the end of February, we did our best to make financial decisions that were not even   considered before the crisis that literally has affected everyone’s lives.  We applied existing deposits to March and April tuition invoices.  This kept us a float through this dismal time and it is because of each of you-our amazingly supportive, generous, parents!


So, we are happy to say that we are in a much better financial situation to deal with the unforeseen crisis. Your deposit will be for what it was intended and rest assured it will be there for your last month.  We are very fortunate to receive the PPP loan and a federal grant to assure our school remains open for many more years and our staff will be protected from financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s a brand-new world for us all….


Contact Information:

It is the law that we are able to contact you or someone local if there is an emergency involving your child.  If we do not have a contact number while your child is a school, we are forced to call DCS-Department of Child Safety in case of emergency (the last thing we want to do).  This means if you are out of town for the day, or you give us numbers that are not accurate you put us (and your child) in a very unfortunate situation.  We cannot emphasize the importance and urgency of this matter enough.  You are responsible to supply Foresight with the appropriate contacts, if you have any doubts the number you provided prior to this newsletter is outdated or not correct talk to Kori or leave a written updated phone list we can attach to your child’s emergency information card.


Foresight Communication:

We will continue to send all communications via e-mail; monthly tuition, newsletter, Covid-19 updates. special events, closures, holidays, and daily routines.  We also have a white board at the entrance window with lesson plans and reminders.  Lastly, you can put our website as a favorite on your computer or like us/follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  We do our best to have on-going communication with all families and our school supports an open-door policy (although a bit limited at this time).


Foresight Events Calendar:

E-mailed with your newsletter is the 2020 -2021 calendar of events, so please make note of special event days, school closures, and sudden schedule adaptions. Don’t hesitate to contact Beth or Kori with any questions regarding policies or our school schedule.


Lunch Time:

Please be sure to write your child’s name on the outside of his or her snack/lunchbox.  This will really help make lunch time more efficient and keep Sheri happy! 

Also, things can spill once lunches are placed back in the cubbies after lunch, and it can make for some interesting science experiments!  So, for sanitary reasons (and Covid-19), please be sure to wash out lunch boxes daily.


New Staff:

We would like to welcome Kelsey Bender as our new art teacher, not to mention her musical ability!  We are very excited to have such an enthusiastic, creative, and talented artist on our team.  We can already see how Kelsey’s love of art is capturing the student’s attention and excitement for hand’s-on learning.

Julia Berg-Hernandez will also be starting this month as an afternoon assistant. She is an elementary ed. Major at NAU and is very eager to put her knowledge to work with our late day friends!




Thank you, Parents!! For all the yummy treats throughout the summer!  We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.



Peace and Love,


Beth, Kori, Jini, Cynthia, Sheri, Kelsey, Stephanie, Sarah, & Julia




Thought for the Month:

Be kinder than necessary, Always……Unknown




***Documents included:

Standard Registration policy &

 Parent Observation of Child

-Please returns ASAP!

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