November 2019

 Dear Parents

In November our theme is “Our American Heritage”.  We will study the Indigenous cultures and Native Southwest tribes.  This will include the history, travel, language, food, and art of the Native American life.  We will also learn about America’s “melting pot” and how the immigration of various types of people has enriched our society.  We will explore the role pilgrims played in history and their voyage to the new world.  We will also discover the value of old world trades, such as, candle making, woodworking, and basket weaving.  Thanksgiving will provide a wonderful opportunity to focus on family traditions, special activities, and what it means to be grateful. 

In addition to the theme activities, our shelf materials provide many opportunities for children to practice skills and concepts.  You may not always see physical evidence of your child’s work because many of our activities don’t necessarily involve a physical product.  Children are always helped and encouraged to make choices that are stimulating and provide a certain element of challenge.

Special Events

Veteran’s Day: Monday, Nov.11, 2019. The center will be closed.  Have a great day and remember to thank a veteran!


Thanksgiving Holiday: Weds. Thurs. & Fri., Nov. 27, 28 & 29, 2019.

The center will be closed.  Have a great family holiday!

Foresight Food Drive:   Along with our

“Thankful talk” in the classroom, Foresight will be sponsoring a canned food drive.  Please watch for the donation box and bring what you can to help those less fortunate!


Holiday Open House:

Save the Date!!!Fri., December 6, 2019.

Details will be in our next newsletter.


Winter Break: Foresight will be closed Monday, December 23-January 1, 2020.  We will see everyone back here on Thursday, January 2nd! 


Other News


Snow Day Policy:

It’s time to remind everyone that on snow days if the public schools are closed, we will also be closed.  However, if the public schools are on a “snow day schedule”, we will still open at 7:30 am.  Listen to local radio stations or check the FUSD website (, click on the “Snow Day Status”) for news about school closures.


Winter Clothing:

Every day your child will be going outside (unless the weather is extreme).  Please be sure to wear appropriate clothing every day. .  Please be sure to write your child’s name on each article!  It’s also very helpful to the classroom teachers to let your child put on his/her own coat every day and hang them up upon arrival.  We are constantly working on independence and this is such a huge help! We know this can be a time consuming process during a rushed morning routine, but in the long run it will make things much smoother for everyone!  Please talk to a teacher for any tips or ideas to make dressing in winter clothing easier.


Lunch Time:

When packing your child’s lunch, the best thing you can serve them to drink is water.  It is much better at keeping children hydrated than juice.  Also, please do not send Jello.  Jello is full of sugar and only offers empty calories.  We are trying our very hardest to comply with Quality First guidelines and keep everyone healthy and happy!

Along with a healthy lunch, we also want to assure a safe lunch. If your child is under 4 years old Quality First guidelines require you to cut grapes in half, cut hotdogs and baby carrots down the center (long ways), avoid popcorn, hard pretzels, and large amounts of peanut butter due to choking concerns.  Please consider these serving suggestions for your child at any age for at home and at school.

Also, please be sure to wash your child’s lunch box (inside and out) every week...  Metal boxes are easily sanitized and most fabric/insulated bags can be placed in the washing machine.  This will really help as cold/flu season approaches!

*Just a reminder: Please no lunchables.


When Absent from School:

When your child is going to be absent from school for any reason please give us a call.  If you know in advance that is great, but even if it is last minute please call us.  This helps with classroom and snack planning for the day.


Soiled Clothes:

If your child has a bathroom accident his/her clothes can be found in the girl’s bathroom in the blue hamper.  We do our best to help remind parents to take these items home with a bathroom accident report and verbal reminders.  All soiled items are thrown out every Friday for sanitation reasons.

Also, please remember to wash and return any borrowed clothing.  We have a limited supply for emergencies only. 

Donations always welcome for under wear and unisex pants!


Notebooks/sheets:

Please be sure to ALWAYS sign your child in and out daily by signing with your first initial and your FULL last name.  This is required by Arizona daycare licensing and is regulated for the safety of your child.  Also be sure that you fill out the information at the top of each sheet every month.


Payments and Fees:

We ask that payments be received by the 5th of each month, unless other arrangements have been made with Beth or Kori.  When payments are late it does require more administrative time and that is why we charge a late payment fee of $30 if received after the 5th.  We want to avoid this charge (just like you) so please come talk with us to make any needed adjustments.  Thank you!


Drop-in/Make-up Days

We have had a very busy first half of the school year and our classes are filled up!  We are so thankful for all of our families, but unfortunately this does limit us on having drop-in (attending outside of normal schedule) for our students.  We will do our best to accommodate any requests, but space is extremely limited.

On the same note as a reminder, we cannot provide make-up days for any days missed.   Some exceptions made at directors discretion.




Please bring a change of clothes to school every day in your child’s backpack if your child is 2 years old / if he or she is prone to potty accidents.  We do have clothes for emergencies, but usually your child is more comfortable in their own clothes and it helps make them feel more secure and settled.


Emergency names & Phone Numbers:

Please make sure that your emergency contacts and telephone numbers are up to date. Please ask to check your blue card if you are at all unsure of what is currently written.  We should be able to reach you at all times your child is at school in case of an emergency.


Catch That Cough/Sneeze!

As we go into the cold/flu season, we have been working very hard to keep everything clean and sanitized.  We have been going over healthy habits with your child as well.   Please help us by reminding them to catch their coughs and sneezes in their elbow and remind them to wash their hands before and after coming to school.  Let’s try to make it as germ-free as possible!  We appreciate all of your help.

Also, please remember our Illness Policy from the parent handbook:

The center has no provisions for care of children who are ill. Please keep your child home if he or she

-has a fever or has had one during the previous 24-hour period of 100+. (A Health Dept. regulation)

-has a cold that is less than four days old.

-has heavy nasal discharge

-has a constant cough.

-is fussy, tired, and generally out of sorts.

-has symptoms of a communicable disease. (These are usually yellow nasal discharge, reddened eyes, sore throat,               headache and abdominal pain, plus a fever.)”



Thank You Very Much!!!!!!!!

·         All of the parents who were able to attend parent-teacher conferences!

·         Everyone that will (did) volunteer for the Halloween party!


Peace and Love-


Beth, Kori, Cynthia, Jini, Sheri, Stephanie, Kendra and Mercedes  


Thought for the Month…

Where we love is home,

Home that the feet may leave,

But not our hearts.

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

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