May 2020

 Dear Parents

We hope everyone is healthy and hopeful as this unprecedented month comes to an end. In May we hope to see Covid-19 cases continue to decline in Flagstaff and a community plan that will carefully and systematically begin to open up businesses, allow people to get back to work, and begin to learn how to live the new normal in our world of a new virus.

In May our theme is “New Beginnings”.  We will study: seed identification, parts of a seed, ways in which seeds travel, and plant and flower growth.  Insects, young animal growth and development will be explored.  We will study weather changes; rain, wind, warmer temperatures, and why the days are getting longer. We’ll also celebrate May Day, explore bubbles, and start our school garden!!! It is going to be a great month of discovery and outdoor adventure (and fresh air)!

Special Events

Spring special events:

It saddens our hearts but, open house and graduation have been cancelled due to continued restrictions on large group events.

We really want to have a small gathering in the first week of August to celebrate our students moving on to Kindergarten before FUSD starts, details to follow.


Memorial Day:

Monday, May 25th 2020     

Foresight Learning Center will be closed.  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!!!!


Other News


The Future of Foresight Families:

We know it is difficult to think about the future with all the uncertainty in the world, but we do need to plan staffing for the month of May, June, July, and August. So, we are asking you to please complete the enrollment intent form attached to this newsletter.  We are here for you and will be here as each family decides on a plan to move forward and have your child return to a familiar environment they can thrive in and are able to develop important social skills and life-long learning.


Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Please be sure to apply sunscreen on your child before coming to school.  It should have a high level of sun block protection and be water proof/long lasting. We also suggest a sun hat.


NAEYC Information

Because we are an NAEYC Accredited school, we want our families to be familiar with what it’s all about!!  Please check out the website It is an excellent parent resource with the most current early childhood information and practices.



Thank You So Much!!!

***For all the support and kind words during this time of uncertainty!!

***The amazing Foresight teachers and staff who have made it possible to remain open and continue to provide a quality preschool experience for everyone!

***The families that have continued to attend and those who have taken advantage of the emailed resources and activity lessons


Peace and Love-

Beth, Kori, Cynthia, Jini, Sheri, Stephanie, Kendra, Sarah, and Bryanna


Thought for the Month……

Joy is not in things: it is in us.

-Richard Wagner

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