May 2019

 Dear Parents

Well, can you believe that May is here so soon?  Although our school year is coming to an end, we’re very excited about our “Summer Exploration Series” that begins June 1st! In May our theme is “New Beginnings”.  We will study: seed identification, parts of a seed, ways in which seeds travel, and plant and flower growth.  Insects, young animal growth and development will be explored.  We will study weather changes; rain, wind, warmer temperatures, and why the days are getting longer. We’ll also celebrate May Day, explore bubbles, and start our school garden!!! It is going to be a great month of discovery

Special Events

“Spring Open House”

Foresight Family Carnival!

Friday, May 17th   5:30- 7:30pm.

Join us for our annual spring open house. We will have Flagstaff Aerial Arts performing with an interactive performance so everyone can participate! We can play old fashioned carnival games to win prizes, and there will be hamburgers and hot dogs grilling so come hungry!  We will post a sign-up sheet where you may RSVP with the number of people attending and the dish you will be sharing.

Please be sure to bring a dish to share and any serving items you will need.  Also, label your dish with your name and if it contains peanuts, gluten free, etc.

**We will be asking people to come between 5:30- 7:30 pm. Come and go as you like.  It’s a great time to meet other parents in our school community!

Memorial Day:

Monday, May 27th 2019     

Foresight Learning Center will be closed.  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!!!!

Pre-K & Kindergarten Graduation:

Thursday, May 30th 11:00-11:30am.

We will hold a graduation ceremony for those students starting Kindergarten or 1st grade.  It will be followed by an outside picnic (B.Y.O.P.), 11:30-12:15 pm.  Everyone with a graduating student is welcome to attend!  There will be a sign-up sheet posted and each family will have 2 reserved seats (but there is room for everyone!).  If it is not your child’s scheduled day please have him/her here by 10:40 am.

Other News

Summer Enrollment

Please remember that we have an ongoing enrollment policy.  Unless we receive a Change of Schedule form or a Withdraw form from you we can only assume that your child will be continuing with his or her current schedule.  These changes must be made with a 30 day advance notification in order to apply any deposits or credits to your account. 

Also, to hold your child’s spot for Fall (August 1) please remember you can enroll your child for just 2 half days a week for the summer. This will give your child the opportunity to participate in our high interest/child focused summer program, keep summer boredom from setting in and give you a little free time each week! If you have any special request please talk with Beth.

Soiled Clothes

Soiled clothes in the girl’s bathroom (blue hamper) get disposed of every Friday at 5:30pm, due to obvious sanitation reasons.

Please don’t forget to wash and return any borrowed clothing.  We are extremely low on underwear and socks!


Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Please be sure to apply sunscreen on your child before coming to school.  It should have a high level of sun block protection and be water proof/long lasting. We also suggest a sun hat.


NAEYC Information

Because we are an NAEYC Accredited school, we want our families to be familiar with what it’s all about!!  Please check out the website It is an excellent parent resource with the most current early childhood information and practices.

 Class is in Session!

We love that you and your child are happy to see each other!  However, when you are picking up your child, please help us maintain the school rules (such as using walking feet inside) and be aware of escalated conversations. Often the teacher is concluding class with a closing circle time and this can be extremely distracting for the students who are in the class.  Thanks for helping make each students learning experience the very best!

Tippy Toes

Sign-up for summer Tippy Toes! Tippy Toes is every Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:15 and the cost is $35.00 per month.  Talk with Kori if you have any questions.


Children’s Shoes:

Sandals with straps are great, as are sneakers.  Both are appropriate and reinforce the gross motor skills that your child needs to develop.  Flip Flops/Crocks do none of this and are not very safe on the playground when combined with running, jumping, and age appropriate movement that children ages 2-6 like to participate in at school.  So, please save the flip flops for relaxing at home and week-ends. If your children question why teachers and staff are permitted to wear flip flops here at Foresight it is because as adults we have developed our gross motor skills and we don’t have as much running and jumping to do outside... 


Thank You So Much!!!

***All our wonderful staff, students and their parents for such a GREAT year!


Peace and Love-

Beth, Kori, Cynthia, Jini, Sheri, Stephanie, Mercedes,  and Kendra


Thought for the Month……

Joy is not in things: it is in us.

-Richard Wagner


Be sure to take a look at our “Summer Exploration” brochures!  There are copies, so please take one if you like! 

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