August 2018

Dear Parents,

August is here!  We are looking forward to a great Fall with our wonderful students, families, enthusiastic staff, and all of our classroom discoveries!

This month we will explore the Animal Kingdom.  Discovering animal characteristics, habitats, and much more! 

In addition to our theme activities, we will begin letter and sound lessons, numeral and number activities, geography skills, practical life skills, cooking, scientific exploration, music, and introductory Spanish.


Special Events:

Wednesday, August 1st:

 First day of fall semester!


Friday, August 3rd:

Downtown Flagstaff First Friday Art Walk-if you’ve never been you should go explore all the wonderful art, music, and restaurants that make our town so amazing!



Monday, Sept. 3rd, Labor Day:   Foresight will be closed.  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!


Other Foresight News:

Arrival Time and Pick-up Time:

Please have your child here 10 minutes before his or her scheduled time.  Late arrivals can be very disruptive to the classroom, the teacher’s lesson, and can upset children who have difficulty seeing parents come and go.  Also, we will be enforcing our late fee charge of $15.00 for every 10 minutes you are late.   We understand that situations occur occasionally, but late pick-up will result in additional fees to your account.  This policy is to guarantee that we stay in ratio, children are not waiting (which can cause anxiety) and teachers are not required to supervise children during their prep time, lunch time, or break time.  Thank you for your consideration of our staff.


NAEYC Family Website is a great website for parents! It provides a monthly newsletter and it is full of research-based information on children’s learning and development.  There are answers to many questions you might not even know you had!


Parent Suggestion Box:

We have a parent suggestion box located on the front desk.  This is just one way we can communicate, address concerns, and find solutions together.  Please feel free to use it at any time!  Also, know that Beth’s door is always open to discuss any concerns, issues or questions regarding our program.



Bathroom Accidents:

Please be sure to get your child’s soiled clothes from the hamper in the girl’s bathroom.  All soiled clothes will be disposed of every Friday at 5:30 PM.

Also, please provide a change of clothes in your child’s backpack in case of a bathroom accident, we have some clothes for emergencies, but most children are more comfortable in their own clothes. 


You’re Account:

Please remember there is an annual registration fee and minimal tuition increase for our new school year.  Also, we are enclosing a standard registration policy that needs to be initialed, signed and returned to Kori ASAP.  Please also remember there will be a $25.00 late payment fee if tuition is not received by the 10th of each month.  If you need to make special payment arrangements talk to Beth or Kori. This policy will be enforced as of August 2018 to reduce administrative book keeping.


Our Cubby Area:

We will continue to have assigned cubby areas according to classes.  They will be labeled again for the start of the year.  We would like to use the top and bottom shelves of the cubbies to store backpacks, lunches, and bulky items.  We are hoping that by using the bottom spaces it will create more space for coats to be hung on hooks.  We also ask parents to label all clothes/belongings.  This is a big help in getting it to its rightful owner.  Also, it is very important that you let your child put his or her own items away.  We like the kids to be self-sufficient and it helps them to know where their own things are so that we do not have to spend a lot of time looking for them.

Lost and Found:

Items left at school on Friday after 5:30 PM will be placed in our lost and found.  Lost and found is located near the back door.  Periodically, those items that have been left for a long period of time and not claimed will be donated to a local charity.  We will let everyone know when we will be cleaning out the lost and found so that you will have one last chance to check it.  Thank you for your help.


Our NEW Front Entry!

Our new security entrance is finally complete!  The sign-in books and some parent information is now located on the counter.  We ask that if you are waiting to pick up your child at 11:30 or 3:30, please wait in this room to chat with other parents (& to minimize disturbances to Miss Cynthia’s classroom ) Also, please do not share the code with your children, or let them enter the buttons or hang on the door handle.  It is a rather expensive system and should not be included as part of your child’s routine to enter the school.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Also, you are required by ADHS to sign-in and sign-out your child before entering the second entrance.


Contact Information:

It is the law that we are able to contact you or someone local if there is an emergency involving your child.  If we do not have a contact number while your child is a school we are forced to call DCS-Department of Child Safety in case of emergency (the last thing we want to do).  This means if you are out of town for the day, or you give us numbers that are not accurate you put us (and your child) in a very unfortunate situation.  We cannot emphasize the importance and urgency of this matter any clearer.  You are responsible to supply Foresight with the appropriate contacts, if you have any doubts the number you provided prior to this newsletter is outdated or not correct talk to Kori or leave a written updated phone list we can attach to your child’s emergency information card.


Your Child’s Work:

Remember to check your child’s work file folder.  There is usually a lot of great art work inside.  Work files are located in each classroom.  They are in alphabetical order by first name.  If you need assistance with this please talk with your child’s teachers. All items in folders will be recycled at the end of each month.


Foresight Communication:

Our newsletter is just one way to keep up on special events, closures, holidays, and daily routines, and we do our best to include all important information and dates for you to keep in mind, record, etc.  We also have a white board at the entrance with special events, holidays, etc.   In addition, we place reminders at the entrance.  Lastly, you can put our website as a favorite on your computer or like us on Facebook if you’re not a paper person.  We do our best to have on-going communication with all families and our school supports an open door policy


Foresight Events Calendar:

Enclosed with your newsletter is the 2018-2019 calendar of events, so please make note of special event days, school closures, and breaks.  Don’t hesitate to contact Beth or Kori with any questions regarding policies or our school schedule.


Lunch Time:

Please be sure to write your child’s name on the outside of his or her lunchbox.  This will really help make lunch time more efficient. 

Also, things can spill once lunches are placed back in the cubbies after lunch, and it can make for some interesting science experiments!  So for sanitary reasons, please be sure to wash out lunch boxes at least once a week.


Tippy Toes:

You can enroll your child for this class this semester. Classes will be held Tuesday afternoons from 2:30-3:15.  If this is something you would like your child to experience, please talk with Kori.  A sign-up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board with date, time, and cost per month for the class by the front entrance.


 Peace and Love,


Beth, Kori, Jini, Cynthia, Sheri,  Kendra, Taylor, Abigail, and Jen



Thought for the Month:

Be kinder than necessary, Always……Unknown


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