April 2020

Dear Parents

First, we hope everyone is staying heathy! We want to tell everyone how much we appreciate the kind and supportive email responses.  You gave us reason to smile, shed some tears, and be grateful to be teachers! 

We will remain open and ready to explore, discover, build, and play with our friends!  We are considered an essential service for working families.  If you know any essential workers who need childcare, we would be happy to help them during this crisis.  We are still following all guidelines from CDC and ADHS for free standing preschools/childcare. We have also taken extra measures to keep our staff and students healthy. 

This month our theme is “Our World”.  We will focus on how we can appreciate and care for our planet so the future will provide a safe, healthy, and clean environment for us all. 

 We will learn how to recycle, reduce, and reuse.  It will also be important to explore the concept of resource conservation: air, water, land, trees, and animals.  We will discover various environments and eco-systems of the Earth, including the rain forest, Arizona’s National Forest, and the Earth’s various water systems. 

We will also be exploring the world of long ago-DINOSAURS!

Spring Holiday: Cancelled!

Monday, April 13th   

Foresight will be open and ready for fun!!!

Other News

April tuition:

We have included your April invoice with this mailing and greatly appreciate the payments we have already received! 

Please send payment to:

Foresight Learning Center

8245 Koch Field Rd.

Flagstaff, AZ 86004


***Please contact us either by email or by phone if you need to discuss your tuition payment and individual needs.  We have always prided ourselves on being fair, flexible, and working together for our families. We send all our families lots of love, hugs, and hope….

Arriving at school: 

Please ring bell or call 928-527-8337 so a staff member can meet you at the front door.  We will check temperatures upon arrival and ask if anyone in your family has symptoms-if anyone does please remain home with your child. We will then assist your child into the school and get ready for a fabulous day of learning! 


Enroll for Summer and Fall 2020!!

If you have not already done so, please return your intent to continue form for Summer and Fall 2020.  We will have open enrollment for new students April 5th, so it is important for us to know if your child will be here for our “Summer Exploration Series”.   

Our summer session covers June & July.  We will also pro-rate August for anyone who will be starting at FUSD only if space is available.   Our Fall session begins on Monday, August3rd, 2020.


NAEYC for Families!

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) offers families a free newsletter.  You can have this emailed to you so you can get research-based, family-friendly tips and ideas about your child's learning and development delivered right to your e-mail box!

 Go to www.families.naeyc.org/signup  to have it sent to you.


What to Wear to School?

Please send your child to school with appropriate jacket, hat, etc. for the ever-changing spring weather of Flagstaff. We go outside everyday and want each student to be comfortable and enjoy outside activity. Also, children need sturdy play shoes that allow them to develop gross motor skills. Please, no flip flops. And don’t forget to label all belongings….


Thank You Very Much!

·        Thank you to all of the parents who filled out our NAEYC Family Survey.  We will let everyone know of the outcome once it is all tallied!

  • Janisko gang for the Dunkin’ Donuts!!
  • Nicole Spencer for the double stuff OREOS!!!


Peace and Love,


Beth, Kori, Cynthia, Jini, Sheri, Stephanie, Kendra, Sarah, and Bryanna


Thought for the Month…

All you need is love…

The Beetles

….and hand sanitizer(CDC)

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