August 2018

Dear Parents, August is here!  We are looking forward to a great Fall with our wonderful students, families, enthusiastic staff, and all of our classroom discoveries! This month we will explore the Animal Kingdom.  Discovering animal characteristics, habitats, and much more!  In addition to our theme activities, we will begin letter and sound lessons, numeral and number activities, geography skills, practical life skills, cooking, scientific exploration,...

December 2018

Dear Parents, December is already here and the excitement of the holiday season has begun!  We are looking forward to the activities and events that make this time of the year so special.  We will travel around the world and discover “Small World Celebrations”.  This will include Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, and Christmas.  We will explore the similarities and the differences of these cultural celebrations.  This will give us an opportunity to...

November 2018

Dear Parents In November our theme is “Our American Heritage”.  We will study the Native American cultures and indigenous tribes.  This will include the history, travel, language, food, and art of the Native American life.  We will also learn about America’s “melting pot” and how the immigration of various types of people has enriched our society.  We will explore the role pilgrims played in history and their voyage to the new world.  We will also...

October 2018

 Dear Parents  We’re all looking forward to the pleasure of Fall: cool mountain air, yellow aspens, fresh apple cider, pumpkin pie, football, and Holiday celebrations! We are also anxious to begin our October thematic unit!  This month we will focus on the Autumn Harvest.  We will learn about harvesting and the growth cycle.  We will study life on the farm.  We will explore and identify parts of a tree, types of trees, and various types of leaves.  We...

September 2018

Dear Parents, This month we will focus on the development of positive self concept.  We will be learning about ourselves:  feelings, emotions, families.  We will also learn about friendship and making good choices.  We will discover how we are alike and different and how each of us is very special! We will also be studying magnets, electricity, and simple tools.  We will explore different sources of electricity.  We will discover how simple tools work and...

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