April 2020

Dear Parents First, we hope everyone is staying heathy! We want to tell everyone how much we appreciate the kind and supportive email responses.  You gave us reason to smile, shed some tears, and be grateful to be teachers!  We will remain open and ready to explore, discover, build, and play with our friends!  We are considered an essential service for working families.  If you know any essential workers who need childcare, we would be happy to help them during...

February 2020

Dear Parents, February is already here! Can you believe it? This month will be full of exciting projects and special activities everyone will LOVE!!!! Our theme for February is “Healthy Body, Dear Hearts.” We’ll be exploring all aspects of the human body: our organs and what they do for us, the skeleton and how it’s connected, muscles and exercise, and what makes a nutritious diet. We’ll also discuss our 5 senses, teeth and good dental care and making...

March 2020

 Dear Parents The theme this month is “Our Town”.  We will learn about community helpers; health professionals, police, and fire fighters, mail carriers, librarians, and shop keepers.  We will discuss the jobs our parents do and invite them in to share their special skills with us in Social Studies.  We will also explore the various methods of transportation; land, water, and air.  We will take a look at the history and technology of transportation.  Safety...

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