Curriculum & Materials

A Range of Instructional Materials Provided

Curriculum & Materials

The curriculum is carefully designed to fulfill the requirements of the philosophy and learning theory. Lessons are planned to provide an appropriate scope, an understandable sequence and an achievable goal.

In addition to satisfying the broad principles of the philosophy and learning theory, the curriculum and activities have been designed to:

  • Be play oriented, academically based, and relevant to the children.
  • Provide daily experiences that promote both cooperative learning and individual exploration.
  • Include parents , family, and community as an integral part of the education process.
  • Incorporate teachers and specialists with an understanding of early childhood and development.
  • Be consistent, carefully planned, and structured, (on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis).
  • Include individual education plans for each child.
  • Be designed to support later learning in elementary school

The curriculum is also designed to develop these specific skills:

Basic Life Skills Language Enrichment Fine & Gross Motor Skills
Communication Skills Sound / Letter Recognition Art / Music / Dance Appreciation
Problem-solving Creativity Number / Numeral Recognition Cooking and Gardening
Cultural Awareness Science & Sensory Skills Computer Skills, Time / Chronology

A broad range of instructional materials is provided, including many which are available to children on a free-choice basis.

The school has been designed to provide "specialized" learning environments. Our classrooms are designated by two subject groups: Math / Science and, Language / Social Studies / Arts. Our playground and garden area are also utilized as learning/recreational areas. Children enjoy a variety of stimulating atmospheres each day.

This unusual design allows teachers to specialize in specific subjects, and devote more planning and teaching time to those areas. When planning lessons, teachers incorporate skills and concepts from other content areas making the curriculum consistent, comprehensive and integrated.

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